Ethical Stewards Of The Environment

Our Environmental Management Program seeks to improve efficiencies, reduce waste, and responsibly conserve energy. Continuous auditing of our environmental performance in adherence to this policy is imperative as we consider it an integral and fundamental part of our business approach and operating methods. We also advocate sustainable practices to our customers through our proactive Environmental Source Reduction program.

By presenting and providing technologically stronger and thinner materials, including biodegradable and recyclable products, we achieve impressive reductions in waste and carbon footprint while improving performance and lowering cost. Furthermore, K & J Enterprises is devoted to the active pursuit and adoption of our industry’s latest and greatest environmentally sound innovations and recommending those to our customers. We are 100% committed to sustainable practices that leave a legacy of viability, responsibility, and respect for generations to come. To learn more or request additional information about our Environmental Management Program please contact us.